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Our history

    It was in the mid-80s when our founder, Víctor Alapont, worked designing and building industrial machinery with his father in a small workshop, he founded the "APOLO" gym, manufacturing all of its machines, pulleys, discs and bars, having nothing to envy to the best brands of that time.

    It was 1988 when one day, the father of a friend asked him to change the star of his Mercedes since in that year more than ten had been broken, then Víctor told him that he could manufacture a star that could be disassembled when leave the vehicle parked, thus avoiding vandalism.

 After five hours, this man returned and Victor showed him and installed the star that he brought, but he fitted a system inside so that it could be disassembled. That man was surprised by the simplicity and effectiveness of the system, ran to discuss it in his usual dealership and began to order from all over Spain, after a few months, the Brand Headquarters made him a supplier and until today More than 100,000 units have been sold in this country alone.

     Demountable stars have been manufactured for all later manufactured bodies.

In 2016, Víctor patented a new high-quality automatic retraction and lifting star system, both in mechanics and in finishing.

     Throughout these years, Víctor has continued to design and patent various innovative systems such as a series of robots for the manufacture of "Chupachup" but with dextrose pressed candies and machines for bagging these candies. Also a single-use syringe when the onset of AIDS disease.

     His latest design began to spin in his head, when the time of activity of his gym "APOLO", he traveled a lot due to the commercialization of his anti-theft stars and in the moments of rest in each city that spent the night, he took his bag of sport and was looking for a gym where he could continue training bodybuilding, his favorite sport, but he lost a lot of time and decided to design a small but powerful device with which he could train in the room of any hotel but with the same effectiveness as in the best Gym.

     This device has been recently manufactured and is called "ENTRENATOR" and can be viewed and purchased on the web:        

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